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A high converting email with attention grabbing headline and copy.

Force the Universe To Give You Money

Imagine if you could tap into the power of the Universe, literally turn yourself into a money magnet. That would be incredible right?

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Before you start saying “Yeah, it would, but that’s impossible” let me assure you that it IS possible.

Just watch this FREE video that explains exactly how you can use the power of the “abundance secret” to tap into the universe, and bring you unlimited wealth. Hurry, this video won’t be up for long!

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A medium length copy, capitalizing on the phenomenon of bitcoin

SUBJECT: Better Than Bitcoins?

Hi, real quick -

I’m sure you’ve been hearing a LOT about “Bitcoins” lately...and how folks who jumped on the “bitcoin bandwagon” years ago are now getting amazingly RICH...

Well, it’s too late for you to buy Bitcoins for cheap. (A single Bitcoin is now worth many thousands of dollars!)

But the good news is, today I’ve got something even MORE profitable to share with you.

Go here now and watch this quick video to discover the #1 “wealth attraction” secret of multi millionaires (and even billionaires!) throughout history...

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Rooting for you,


P.S. I wound up kicking myself for not buying Bitcoins, back when my friends were scooping them up for a few dollars...

And heck, I still have regrets about not buying stock in Amazon and Apple years ago, when my brother advised me to do so. (He’s now a multi-millionaire because of it...)

Look, I’m sure you’ve had your own missed opportunities in life, because you DIDN’T take action when you had the chance...

This is why I urge you to watch this short, private presentation while it’s still online:

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A medium length email with a strong "Call to action" using a personal emotional story! High click throughs!

Instantly Hard-Wire Your Mind For Millionaire SUCCESS

No matter what some of the so-called “experts” say, positive thinking is NOT enough to make you wealthy.

Trust me, I’ve read a ton of self-help books, and I tried EVERYTHING to improve my pitiful situation.

I went deep into debt with student loans, to earn a degree that was pretty much useless...

I worked my butt off at job after job, only to get laid off whenever they had to cut back on staff...

I even lost my savings in the stock market, after betting on stocks that were supposed to be a “sure thing.” (Man, did I get burned...)

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No matter how hard I tried to maintain a positive attitude, I was barely scraping by and worrying about the bills piling up on my kitchen table each month...

Until I discovered an unusual secret that is the HIDDEN reason why some people spend their whole lives struggling financially, while others become wealthy and lead fabulous, carefree lives.

This secret is NOT what you think...

It’s got nothing to do with earning a degree, or investing, or working any harder than you already are (in fact, this secret REMOVES hard work from your life, while radically boosting your income...)

In fact, once you discover this simple secret and begin using it today, it’s like having a MAGNET that attracts wealth and abundance towards you – effortlessly!

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A longer email with a story that draws the reader in!

From Broke “Slacker” To Multi Millionaire (Learn the Secret!)

So the other day I attended my high school reunion...

And I was SHOCKED when the biggest “slacker” in my graduating class, Nick Parker, pulled up in a gleaming Bentley and stepped out wearing a fancy suit and a $30,000 Rolex on his wrist.

Back in high school, while I studied my brains out and never missed a class, Nick was either snoozing in the back of the room or smoking joints out in the parking lot.

In our high school yearbook, he was voted “Most Likely To Be A Felon.”

Yet here he was, 25 years later, a multi-millionaire and the wealthiest person in the room!

EVERYONE at the reunion was buzzing about Nick...

So I sidled up to him at the bar and got to chatting with him. I couldn’t help asking him for his “secret...”

I figured maybe he was an early investor in something like Facebook or Bitcoin. (I couldn’t imagine someone as lazy as Nick actually WORKED for his money...)

But no...he leaned in close and whispered the name of a WEBSITE in my ear.

"Watch the video on that site,” Nick said. “It changed my life and it will change yours.”

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I have to say, Nick was 100% right.

That short, private video DID change my life immediately...

Because it unlocks a “wealth attraction” secret that is the HIDDEN reason why some people seem to make piles of money effortlessly, while the rest of us struggle and stress out...

It’s why some people (who are NOT smarter or more hard-working than you) are posting pics of their fabulous vacations on social media, while you can’t afford to take weeks off from work...

And it’s the secret reason why regular, ordinary people are INSTANTLY getting happier, healthier and wealthier.

(Hint: It’s all about knowing one simple trick that “re-wires” your mind so that you ATTRACT wealth and abundance from the universe...)

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A medium length email with a strong "Call to action" that gets the reader excited! High click throughs!

Simple Mindset Hack Gives You A Limitless “Millionaire Brain”

Imagine how your life would be if you NEVER had to worry about bills again...

Because no matter how much you spend, each day when you wake up you have MORE money in your bank account than you had yesterday.

You literally have money pouring into your bank account while you sleep at night...

Which means you no longer need to work a job...

Never need to answer to a boss again...

You can take your loved ones on a luxurious vacation...ANYWHERE in the world...whenever you feel like it...

And you have total peace of mind, knowing that you and your family NEVER have to stress out over money again, or deny yourself the “good things” in life.

Now here’s the good news, and how this applies to YOU...

This worry-free lifestyle is NOT a fantasy for thousands of people who have discovered an unusual “magnetic wealth attraction” secret.

It is their daily reality.

Most of these people do NOT have fancy college degrees. (In fact, some are high school dropouts...)

They aren’t “experts” at anything.

They know virtually NOTHING about finance or investing...

Yet because they discovered this unusual wealth creation secret, they ATTRACT wealth and abundance into their lives without having to do any hard work.

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